Friday, May 19, 2006

I timed it, round 2: Davvening a Conservative rabbi's "rock-bottom required" Shacharit

Here's round one.

I wanted to see whether it would be possible for me to do a "rock-bottom required" Shacharit (Morning Service) and still get to work on time without waking up an hour and a half early. So I tried following the recommendation of a former rabbi of mine, of the Conservative variety:


The matbeiah shel tefillah/"required core of the service" (brachot before Sh'ma, entire Sh'ma, brachah after Sh'ma, entire Amidah)


This version of Shacharit took me approximately 20 minutes. Add another 5-10 when I get another set of tefillin (phylacteries) to use at home (for putting the tefillin on, taking them off, and, if I have time, putting them away), and I can do the whole thing in half an hour.

I'm good to go.

Or, at least, I will be, when I can find the money for another set of tefillin. Did I mention that our son's new hearing aids just cost us $2,200, and that we've spent over $1,300 thus far to pay for his study program in Japan this summer? Hmm, this may take a while.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why would you buy a second pair of t'fillin? why wouldn't you just keep your t'fillin home and bring them with you when you go to shul?

also, you should add the following:

bircat ha'shachar
baruch she'emar (before ashrei)
yishtabach (after ashrei).

that's much closer to the bare minimum.

Tue May 23, 05:03:00 PM 2006  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

The problem is that I go straight from Monday and Thursday morning minyan to work, so I'd have to take my tallit and tefillin with me in order to have them to use at home the next morning.

Here's what I tried this morning:

2-line "bar'chi nafshi" before putting on tallit

bracha over, and putting on, tallit

Ma Yakar after putting on tallit, 'cause I learned it from Mark's song and I like it--it's a nice bit of poetry. (Sorry, this is one of the few songs Mark wrote that *isn't* on
his music website--you'll just have to buy his album, which is well worth it.)

Well, for the time being, I have no tefillin at home to put on, so . . .

Al n'tilat yadayim

Asher yatzar

Ha-m'lamed torah

Asher bachar banu (I say this out of respect, rather than because I take it literally)

All the Torah and Talmud readings

Elokai n'shama

All the b'rachot.

Skipping massive quantities of quotes . . .

Straight to "ashreinu mah tov chelkeinu, and thru final brachah of birchot hashachar.

Baruch she-amar


Hallelu min hashamayim

Hallelu kel b'kodsho


The matbeiah shel tefillah/"required core of the service" (brachot before Sh'ma, entire Sh'ma, brachah after Sh'ma, entire Amidah)

Skipping Tachanum . . .


Psalm thereafter (too tired to look anything up--"va-anachnu kamnu v'nit'odad . . .

U'va l'Tzion Goel


Shir shel yom, which I cracked my teeth on a little, but Wednesday's is worse, & I'll have to learn both--never learned Tuesday's or Wednesday's, 'cause I've rarely davvened Shacharit on those days.

Time: Just under 1/2 hour, but add 10 minutes for putting on & taking off tefillin, which takes me forever.

Wed May 24, 01:33:00 AM 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

two thoughts: Take your tallis and tefillin to work. Don't bother getting another pair. Many people (self included) do it. Tallis and tefillin don't take up much room in a bag if you pack efficiently.

Other thing is, from one of your other posts, you said you spent $250 on a pair of tefillin. that's actually quite on the cheap side, so you might want to check the kashrut of them. My first pair was bought in 1988 for about $175, and boy, there was nothing kosher about them.

Even reputable Jewish bookstores might sell "bar mitzvah" sets that aren't really all that kosher. A basic set should probably run about $500 or more.

Wed May 24, 09:49:00 AM 2006  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

So, in other words, JDub, I need a larger backpack *and* a more expensive pair of tefillin. Sigh. $2,200 for my son's new hearing aids, $1,300 thus far for his six weeks of study in Japan (he's leaving this coming Wednesay), and I'm supposed to find this money where? Sigh. It's not only hard to be a Jew, it's also expensive!

Fri May 26, 07:20:00 PM 2006  

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